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 What is the difference between the Perfect Sleepover and Adventure Time? 

The size All of our bags are convenient for any size of dog and what really matter is the longevity of your travel with doggo, indeed the Adventure Time is almost 2 times as big as the Perfect Sleepover and holds 30 cups instead of 10. Therefore, it is naturally more efficient for longer trips, but bigger in size. If you have any questions about your specific needs, it will be a pleasure to assist while you're in shopping, use the chat below or write us an email. 

How do I put my dog inside? 

All of our bags except the Pet carrier plus are not pet carrier. In fact, we design products for efficient transportation solutions for all dogs, thus, most of are products are like diaper bags for your doggo. 

How Should I clean my bag?

Made out of hydrophobic fabric which shouldn't go in the washing machine, the best way to clean your bag is by hand inside and outside. 

Can I put the silicone bowls in the dishwasher?  

Absolutely, all silicone material is dishwasher safe! 

How much food can the lunch boxes carry? 

The Perfect Sleepover and Dine Away both have 2x 15 cup lunch boxes, the Perfect Sleepover, Weekender, Ultimate Week Away all have 2x 5 cups lunch boxes, the Essential Tote Bag 1x 5 cup lunch box, and the Pet Carrier 2x 1 cup lunch boxes.